Buyer's Guide to Real Estate Photography
Showcasing Your Real Estate Listing
Real estate photography forms the core of most real estate marketing plans today, so imagery that properly showcases a property can be essential to getting a timely sale at the best price.   Homeowners know right away if the photos of their home are flattering, and real estate photography is one of the most tangible statements of the quality of service an agent provides, particularly given that so much of an agent's work is behind the scenes.
And although its easy to tell a good photo from a bad one, it can be quite difficult to identify and put into words what is not working, and even more difficult to resolve the challenge.
Architectural photography is a complex blending of artistic and technical skills.  Real estate photos from Alpharetta Photography, LLC incorporate many advanced techniques from the craft of architectural photography.  The images below illustrate solutions to challenges commonly faced in real estate, interior design, and architectural photography.
Real Estate Photography Technique Illustration
The image on the left is all natural light.  The light is complex and authentic, but a there are several weakness in this image.  The outdoor scene in the windows has an unpleasing overly blue cast and it lacks detail.  The floor in the breakfast room shows blue-tinted glare, as does the countertop.  The back staircase is dark.  The scene overall is muddy.
The image on the right was shot with multiple off camera flashes.  The flash resolves some troubles but adds others. The scene is crisp and clean, but a bit sterile.  The view outside the window is full of detail and has the proper color.  The glare on the floor in the breakfast room is gone, but there is now glare on the chairs.  A flash placed in the rear stairwell calls attention to this architectural feature.
To produce the final image, these two images were manually blended in Photoshop to leverage the best attributes of both approaches.
Cindy Kringelis, professional real estate photographer, teacher, and Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Lightroom presents techniques for real estate photography.
Real estate photography teacher Cindy Kringelis of Alpharetta Photography, LLC shows a finished image that manually blends a high dynmanic range (HDR) image with a flash lit frame in Adobe Photoshop.
In this final image, the crisp, clean light from the flash was retained but tamed by the softer ambient light. The beautiful outdoor scene from the flash frame retained, but the glare on the chairs has been removed.  The floor in the breakfast retains some of the natural reflection from the french door, but it is no longer so bright that it calls undue attention.  Likewise, the rear stairwell is highlighted, though with more natural feeling light.  Finally, the reflections on the countertop have been reduced, revealing more of the natural granite veins.

Real Estate Images That Sell
Are the images of your property working as hard as you are to sell it?  The local MLS usually requires photos to list a home.  But sellers aren't seeking to have their homes put on a list.  Sellers want their homes sold.  Images that merely document a space can suffice to list a home.  But, to actively sell a home, timely, and for top dollar, requires more.  Alpharetta Photography, LLC can create images of your property that convey its best features to attract buyers.  To learn more or schedule a shoot for your listing, call Alpharetta Photography at 678-995-5503.

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